Review: British Airways Galleries Club North – London Heathrow T5

I had an early start this morning. With my flight departing Heathrow at 8:35am I was on one of the first Piccadilly Line trains from Cockfosters to Heathrow.


This was by no means the quickest way to Heathrow, with the journey from one end to the other end of the line taking just under 1 hour 40 minutes. At least I got to make use of this time by sleeping. With the ‘Night Tube’ now in operation it was amusing when drunk people boarded the train at 6:30am still full of so much energy.

When I arrived into Heathrow Terminal 5 I went up the lift to departures. A side note, the lift is MUCH quicker than getting the 3 or 4 sets of escalators. When you go through the barriers, walk straight ahead and jump into the first lift. You’ll be in the departures concourse within 60 seconds.


Once in departures you find yourself next to Zone C (one of the Bag Drop zones). If you are hand baggage only and already have your boarding pass, you can continue straight to South Security.


As I was flying in Club Europe I had access to the Fast Track Security which is just to the left. This is a hidden little gem as it’s rarely known and seldom used. I was through within 60 seconds! The best part is that you find yourself right next to the Galleries Club South Lounge, however for this review, I will be reviewing the larger and ‘Flagship’ lounge at the North end of the terminal.


The walk from here to the North Lounge was around 5 minutes. Just keep walking and follow the signs. You can gain access to Galleries Club South Lounge by being part of the British Airways Executive Club in either Silver, Gold, Gold Guest List or Premier status, being Sapphire or above in the One World Alliance, or by flying in Business Class or above with British Airways. I’ll let the sign speak for itself…


You will notice throughout Heathrow Terminal 5 the artwork and displays they have literally everywhere…


As you enter the lounge, there is a vast selection of newspapers and magazines for you to help yourself to.


Behind that, you have you selection of food and drink, which isn’t know to be fantastic, however this morning I have to say the omelette and cheese rolls were amazing!

Throughout this vast lounge you have several seating zones and help yourself bars. If you want tarmac views then your best best is to go to the far left and grab a seat there, however this tends to be the busier part of the lounge.


Should you want to sit in an area that tends to be less busy, then as you enter into the lounge, turn right and pass the ‘cinema’.


Here you have a comfortable retreat away from the hustle and bustle that is Heathrow. I stayed here for around 30 minutes before I went to the Aspire Lounge for my next review.


If you exit from the right side of the lounge, again you will see some more airport art.

Overall, if you sit in the right place, this can certainly be a comfortable place to spend an hour away from it all, with access to a mediocre selection of food and drink. I know it’s free if you have the correct access, but British Airways have continued to cut back left and right, which is a real shame. I wouldn’t go out of my way to get here hours early.


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